Morin Wolf's House

Proud to be a Furry with you

Morin Wolf
24 June 1990

I Love Furries and Proud to be one. ^_^ A reason why i am here is to meet other furry friends and Enjoy being with them. Furries are in my heart, and i Hope i get to Be your friend!!! ^_^

Well what can i say about myself? I make movies, Lots and Lots of movies, mostly spoof/comedy/and sometimes action movies. I create them with my furiend Dark Fox, Balzger, and Frost, with many others, your more then welcome to join my movies and have fun ^_^ if you look at my YouTube, you'll see how good i am. Im also a fursuiter, i fursuit with all my furry furiends and have lots of fun, i can tell ya, this is the best thing that has happend in my life ^_^ and Thankies for being part of it